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Raphael Reboh’s Top Tips

Miami based Master Stylist Raphael Reboh, owner of Femme Coiffure Salon provides simple steps to getting a salon style blow out at home as well as the best way to achieve sexy summer hair. Reboh has styled a-list tresses including Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Joan Collins, Adriana Lima, Bianca Jagger and even the late Joan Rivers. Femme has a location in Bal Harbor, The Ritz Carlton and is soon opening in Miami’s Design District.

“To get a salon- like blow out at home, you need to start with a good shampoo and conditioner. I always recommend products from Rene Furterer; an amazing line. With any style, it’s essential to start out with healthy hair that feels good and is soft. After you are done washing, towel dry the hair and apply a tiny bit (dime size) of leave in conditioner. Next, comb hair thoroughly. Allow hair to dry very well as working on hair that is too wet causes frizz. I generally suggest starting to blow dry when hair is only slightly damp. Using a medium size brush, bring hair toward the front of the head and roll upwards. This is the essential step in achieving Victoria Secret-esque volume. Once hair is all dry, mix it up with your hands and finish with a soft, light hold hair spray to ensure hair will stay but still maintains movement.”

The Foundation for Sexy Summer Hair –

“The foundation for sexy summer hair is a great haircut. I suggest beautiful, long layers which essentially train hair to fall better with a sexy movement that also prevents frizz. Blow dry hair with medium sized brush as described above and use hot rollers to get a sexy Bridget Bardot inspired look. Open curls with fingers and mist with a light hold hair spray. This will give you sexy, come hither locks at home in less than five minutes.”