Daniel Reboh began training for hair in Israel. Told by his teacher this profession was not for people who just wanted to make money Daniel was undettered. He has been working with hair for over three decades and still loves what he does everyday. Daniel has even influenced his siblings to have the same passion. He has taken his talents all over the world from Tel Aviv, Israel to Toronto. His first salon opened in Montreal and Daniel Reboh has also trained in cities such as Paris and London. It is cities such as these that give Daniel his inspiration. Daniel also inspires himself to take new risk with hair.

Daniel Reboh Came up with the term Femme (woman in French) because he thought that a women’s hair should share qualities that all women embody. Hair should be sleek and shinny and move in the same way a women would. Hair should have natural body and be health and soft. Daniel strives to make hair healthier, no matter what the initial condition, he always wants a better result. Daniel knows that if clients use the products available in the salon and actually want their hair improved, in six weeks their hair will be completely transformed.

-- Master Stylist