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From sun kissed highlights to all-over color, every hair colorist at Femme Coiffure is trained as a specialist in their chosen field.

By allowing our team to focus on one area of service and then consult together to complete your experience, you can be assured that you are receiving personal treatment with results as individual as you.

Bohemian Side Braid

Start from the side of the eye and create a French braid finish it with a fishtail braid.

You can let the hair dry naturally and do some curls with curlers the braid should go down the crown to make it look thicker you can tease the hair first. Very important to bring it around the forehead and really form it around the face.

Lift the braid to see the braid and to see the hairline. You want to keep it natural. This would be better for thicker hair because it will hold better and it also has to be long hair – you can have straight or curly.

Products recommended would be the Voluma from Renee Forturer because it will give the hair texture and the hair won’t become sticky.

Tucked Bun

Start by pulling hair into a low ponytail. Next, make a “nest” for your hair by sliding the ponytail holder about an inch or an inch and a half down the ponytail, just enough to loosen it up. Separate your hair right above the ponytail holder.

Next, roll up your hair. To make ponytail easy to tuck into nest, use your index finger as a form to roll the ponytail up into a ball. The next step is to take the ponytail ball you have wrapped around your finger and tuck it into the nest.

Push down the ponytail holder to make sure the hair is all tucked in then start pinning. It takes about two or three bobby pins to placed close to the ponytail holder to secure hair all day. Once your bun is pinned in place, use a fine toothcomb to gently comb together the hair that parted when you made the nest.

This style can be embellished with a headband, bows or clips. When finished, spritz with Rene Furterer Vegetal Styling finishing spray. This style can be achieved with either fine or thick hair it just must be long.


Tousled Waves with a Jeweled Accent

To achieve this style, wash hair or simply refresh hair with Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo. Next, Mist hair with Rene Furterer Vegetal Styling Mousse to add a roughed-up texture and give the waves you’re about to create even more staying power.

Bonus: You can get away with just creating waves on four or five random sections of hair, since they’ll blend in nicely with the texture from the salt spray.

Now start adding the waves: Pick up a small section of hair by the ends and twirl it just like you would swing a mini jump rope. Keep twirling until your hair looks like a Twizzler—but don’t let it go just yet. Coil the section into a mini bun and give it one or two scrunches. Now you can release.

Repeat on four or five random sections of hair. Now create a side part and twist a front section of hair from forehead to behind scalp and clasp with a pretty jeweled accent. Long fine or thick hair is best for this style.


The Gold-Leaf Topknot

This style is the epitome of chic elegance. And, what I love is that it so easy to do but looks like it took a lot of time. Start with straight, dry hair. Part hair to the side and pull into a high ponytail.

Next, simply wrap hair around pony tail to create a bun and then pin the end inside the ponytail. Finish this look with an elegant headband. Long fine or thick hair is best for this style.